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    With 50 years of business education and experience, we are able to identify even the most minute malfunctions within any business organization.

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    Through our proprietary knowledge and expertise, we have developed solutions for thousands of clients across multiple industries.

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What We Do


Innovative Strategy Formulation

We help you think through the issues, formulate innovative strategies, and integrate them throughout your business.

Operational Efficiency

Even the greatest strategy will fail if direct resources are not properly managed. Operational efficiency is the key to managing those resources in order to maximize return to your company.

Real Solutions that Solve Real Problems

What businesses often call problems are merely symptoms. Real solutions derive first from understanding the true problem, and then building a strategy to attack that problem.

Plan a Pathway to Success

We have successfully added value at all stages of the corporate lifecycle, up to and including bankruptcy. SOS takes control with an owner’s mindset until the desired results are achieved and then transfers control to a trained and proven management team.

Strategic & Operational Solutions (SOS) delivers the experience and expertise needed to make your business better. We combine business strategy with operational excellence to implement solutions that deliver measureable business results.

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